Eulogy to Myself

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It’s true, I was a great man.  I was extremely close to myself. To me, I was much more than just myself; I was my best friend and hero.  I always admired and respected myself for so many reasons that I could not possibly enumerate them all here.  I was always very generous, friendly, wise and willing to help those of lesser abilities and mental capacity.  Because of my outgoing personality and inherent kindness I had many admirers, again too numerous to name here.  Suffice it to say that I was almost godlike to so many people.  My voice could easily fill a room and when I sang it was like a choir of angels, very loud ones.  I loved the outdoors and spent as much time running around naked as possible.  It was then that I always felt closest to myself.  At work, my staff loved me because of my outrageous and hilarious sense of humor, great patience and awesome humility.  I was a master at my craft, admired by the vast majority of my peers. I know that, even though I am no longer with me, I really am.  I will never forget myself and will miss my constant companionship more than I can possibly say.  I know that no one will ever achieve as much as I did in my life and my shoes will never be filled, but I am certain that the torch of my life will light up the world for the friends and family I leave behind.  I wish you all well, and I encourage each and every one of you to try to live up to my shining example.  

The Author

Brad lives, writes and runs around naked in the Great Northwest. He fills his home with art, music, photography, plants, rocks, bones, books, good cookin’ and love. He has published poetry in Alchemy, Red Booth Review, Front Range Review, theNewerYork, Ray’s Road Review, The Round Up, Meat for Tea, Gambling the Aisle, Screaming Sheep Magazine, Off the Coast, Shadowgraph, Livid Squid Literary Journal, Brickplight, Shuf Poetry, Rockhurst Review, Penduline Press, Literature Today, BASED, Eunoia Review, and other quality publications. Nominee: 2013 Pushcart Prize for poem, “Where We May Be Found.”

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