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We publish experimental literature in print & online.
We pair every story with a piece of art.
Not highbrow, not lowbrow; we're no-brow.
We do not publish poetry or novels.
We're excited about the future of books, reading, and writing.
Our submissions are 100% blind and open year-round.
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Our Team
Josh Raab
Grand Poobah

Josh reads submissions, doles out author payments, manages all the projects,  twitter, the contests, the tradeshows, the workflows, and the blah blah blah. He went to New York University for all things words.

Location: Santa Monica, California


Chuck Young
theEEEL Master

Chuck reads, edits, manages, and is the art-sommelier for theEEEL. He went to Emerson for something artsy. When he’s not working for theNewerYork he has two kids and a day job in Boston.

Where: Clinton, Massachusetts

Email: chuck @ theNewerYork.com


Daniel Bullard-Bates
The Fixer

Daniel edits single-author books, manages the interviews section and the monthly issues, reads submissions, and hatches plans. He writes fiction, volunteers with Write Around Portland, and lives with four people, four chickens, and a cat.

Where: Portland, Oregon

Email: Daniel @ theNewerYork.com



Megan Willoughby
The Dopest

Megan reads submissions, serves as the WordPress sachem, and is overly enthusiastic. She’s successfully flailing her way towards an English degree at Cal State Northridge.

Where: Los Angeles, CA



Nils Davey
The Artist

Our book and graphic designer. Smokes and rides a motorcycle and has an English accent. . . so that’s cool.

Where: Los Angeles, California





Although originally from Atlanta, Melissa McDaniel moved to Brooklyn in 2012 because she couldn’t stand people walking so slowly. By night she enjoys writing speculative fiction, and by day she gets paid to
tweet. She is also a co-founder and curator of Scintilla: a monthly reading and art series.

Where: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Reading Series

Eric Boyd
The Creatavist

Eric makes the Creatavists and also reads and edits. He won the PEN Prison Writing Award and has been published by Akashic Books, Missouri Review, Guernica, Nanoism, Dead Beats, Barge Press, etc etc etc Has cat, sorry.

Where: Pittsburgh 5 days a week / Brooklyn 2 days a week


Dani Tauber
i hope people can still tell i’m a poet when my head’s not in the oven. i mean, i’m sure they can. right…?