The Comorbidity of Aardvark Petting and Durian Consumption

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It has been shown that individuals with Aardvark Petting Disorder (APD) are more likely to develop Durian Consumption Disorder (DCD) (Dorion et al. 1990), and conversely, that individuals with a DCD indicate higher rates of aardvark petting (Versteeg et al. 1997).  Nearly half of individuals diagnosed with APD also meet the diagnostic criteria for a DCD, relative to 20.6% of the general population; while roughly a third of individuals being treated for a DCD can be clinically classified as obsessive petters (Bush et al. 2008).  Despite this fairly robust comorbidity, studies have not produced consistent findings regarding the relationship between aardvark petting and durian use, due in part to differential definitions of “durian use” (Moss et al. 2008).  Two main permutations emerge in these studies: those which quantify durian consumption (e.g. 100 durians) and those which qualify the experiences associated with the episode of consumption (“after a night of durian binging, I committed innumerable atrocities in the name of aardvark petting”).

The Author

Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and artist based in New York City. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Right Hand Pointing, CounterExample Poetics, Fur-Lined Ghettos, Petrichor Machine, theNewerYork Press, Clutching at Straws and others. He is currently a contributing editor for Anderbo, and is one of 85 poets who will be participating in The Found Poetry Review’s “Pulitzer Remix” project. His website is

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